Here we take another look at the deist’s view of God and how we can connect with them. Reason is a huge part of this outlook on God. The deist has reasoned from his observation of nature that there is a Creator but that He is not involved in what goes on here any longer. This creates a big question for me, “Why did He make us? What was (is) His reason?” And as I have asked this over the years, the only explanation that makes any sense is that He wants to interact with us. Not just through scripture or in tough times but everyday, even in the littlest things. Each of us that know Him have stories to tell that can’t be dismissed and through our experience others get to be introduced to or encouraged to better know God. Motive is a really big deal in understanding the people in the world around us. It’s an even bigger deal in understanding the One that made us.

  1. Sunny Rosanbalm says:

    God interactive presence in my life is proof enough to me that He is alive and interested in the details of my life….I am grateful!!! I appreciate your posts!

  2. rickthedeist says:

    As a Deist I don’t agree with your critique of my faith. It is important to know that the view of God is varied and can’t be simply put in a nutshell.
    Many Deists believe God does have an ongoing role in the universe, some even believe in a personal God that interacts actively in with us.
    One thing you wrote that is correct though is that Deists use reason as a basis for our faith. I can’t think of any situation when a religion that needs to suspends reason to maintain faith can be justified.

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