Or the law of succinctness is the principal that says when confronted with competing theories, it’s best to choose the one with the fewest assumptions. In other words the simpler the answer the better, this is also known as Occam’s Razor. It has always seemed odd to me that this line of thinking gets used to deny there’s a God. Doesn’t the existence of God answer way more questions than not? The very idea that God doesn’t exist creates many more holes for me not to mention the myriad of assumptions you’d have to make.

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    Indeed Jim. As I often reply to secularists, my certainty is their vacuum.

    • Thank you John. How is your wife? Have you had any speaking opportunities lately?


      • Cromwellsheart says:

        Hello Jim, she continues to improve thank you. I have not spoken for four weeks, springtime is my busy period on the farm. Most engagements are in autumn and winter, folks seem to be happier listening in cold village halls! Still, there are a few bookings over summer, I go where and when God tells me.

        I trust all is well with you and your family.


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