The world is not monochromatic. Seldom in life are the choices we’re confronted with so cut and dried or so easily identified. The good news for us is that ours is the God that places power in weakness, wisdom in simplicity and glory in humility. He is the God who overcomes death with life. With Him there is always more than meets the eye. When we choose to see things as either black or white we miss out on the reds, blues, greens, oranges and all the other colors He’s given us. As we learn to see through His eyes, there is beauty all around.

  1. Julie Dumond says:

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. chris and jodie says:

    As a whole we use this logic with people. At first glance I could “size” up a person or put them in a category without even getting to know them. I had an encounter where I stood before Jesus and he said these words to me, ” who do you say that I am?” You would think this would be a simple question to answer but I was silenced. I could not answer him, I became mute. I thought I had it all figured out but boy was I wrong. There was no box to put him in because he was infinite. I have read this account that Peter had hundreds of times but it did not have the same effect as it did that day. What a few spoken words will do to a man. He revealed that I had become a modern day pharisee. I was guilty. I should have been condemned but he blessed me. I would not be writing these words right now. Thank you JESUS!

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