God’s intent, desire and plan for you has and always will be to do everything together. This is especially true during difficult times. Scripture doesn’t specifically say anywhere that God won’t give you more than you can handle but it does indicate the concept that with Him you can handle everything that comes your way. This is not only so with what God has for you but also includes the difficult things that He never intended. With Him all is possible. I love what Mother Teresa had to say about this, “I Know God won’t give me more than I can handle I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” You and God together are unconquerable.

  1. Julie Dumond says:

    WOW! this sentence – just rocked me…”This is not only so with what God has for you but also includes the difficult things that HE never intended.” WOW!
    Some things happen to us that inflict such deep deep wounds- sexual abuse…verbal abuse….the list continues on-and it all is evil but it all crosses boundries and usually takes one’s ability to trust- out from one’s feet( out of one’s heart and mind). However, God the Father sends Jesus to cover all the things that hurt and the things we do to cause hurt and then the Holy Spirit works wonders with the power of healing through and through- though the hurt and unforgiveness may linger but finally- one day…yes,sometimes years down the line, Holy Spirit reveals- it’s done. One has forgiven and overcome through Him and He is worthy …He didn’t cause the hurt and ugly- and through all the years- He had one covered every bit of the way. This is my testimony. With God, and IN Christ- The Holy Spirit absolutely can have one forgive what society would deem unforgivable and one ( like myself) realizes God sticks around and to one even the things He surely never ever intended in His love for us.

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