Omnipotent means all-powerful. Everything is possible for God and all things are possible with God. This attribute has generated all kinds of “could God…?” questions that sometimes cross the line of ridiculousness. The way I like to look at it is the difference between “could God” and “would God”. I’m not comfortable with the phrase God can’t but there are certainly things God won’t do. As we mentioned at the outset of this look at His attributes, God is always each of these qualities so He would not violate a characteristic.

Also we can take incredible comfort in knowing that there’s nothing that God can’t handle. Sometimes that may even include us being pissed off at Him, He can handle it. In fact He would much rather we focus our anger on Him instead of those around us. Scripture says, “With God nothing is impossible.” It’s not saying for God, it’s saying with God. How cool is it to know that together He and we can accomplish the impossible?

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