Omnipresence or what is sometimes called ubiquity is the fact that God is everywhere at once. This attribute doesn’t really need an explanation but do we understand its implications? Somehow it’s easy for us to grasp that He can be everywhere in the world at one time and still not fully appreciate what that means for us individually. I think God’s favorite use of this trait is that it puts Him there with you and here with me right now. He is never absent from us. We may think we’ve somehow stepped away from Him but that’s not possible. He’s with us always, waiting to be included in all we think and do.

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Jim, thanks for posting that reading from Shane. I have never seen that and just love that guy so let me know if you find others. I can’t wait to tell my friend who sent me Shane’s book over 4 years ago that the seed he planted is still producing good fruit. That will thrill my friend and coworker David.. love u guys!!

  2. chris and jodie says:

    I think about this alot. John 14:12 says that ” he that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father…” When Jesus made this statement he was confined in a human body. He had to walk from place to place, he got tired, hungry and only minister to only those that were in his presence at that moment. In Psalms it says that he could hold the universe in his hand. What a drastic change this must have been on him. As a culture we are impatient and we want to microwave everything in an instant or we want to produce more. Then and only then can we understand that he was tempted in all things. So what did he leave us to counter this religious belief. His words. Words can pass through walls, they transcend time, that have more meaning to us when someone has sacrificed everything for us. When we die they put our words in books or on plaques. But what if every word we have spoken in our life was anointed or had meaning. Would people listen to our words? Right now his words are saving, healing, and delivering people as I write these things down. The greater works. If we can’t believe our own words or that our life has meaning it is a sign that we don’t believe his. Thank you JESUS!

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