Here’s something else that should be pointed out before we start to dig into God’s attributes. Because one of His characteristics is immutability (more on that later) we have to keep in mind that each one of the distinctives we are going to be talking about applies to God at all times. Unlike us who can be kind at times and unkind at others, God is always consistent. So keep this in mind in the days ahead, just because we’ve moved to another attribute doesn’t mean He’s changed or is in a different mood.

  1. chris and jodie says:

    What if we could find someone that will never leave us nor forsake us when we fail. Someone who never shows negative emotions toward us, someone that gives and never takes back, someone who always honors their words, someone who is always for us, someone who will stand up for us when no one else will. Would we lay our lives down for someone like that? Any volunteers? This truth never changes even when our circumstances are telling us different. That’s awesome! Thank you JESUS!

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