Live Like Jesus

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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E. Stanley Jones once asked Gandhi how Christianity could be more effective in India. Gandhi responded, “First, I would suggest Christians begin to live more like Jesus. Second, practice it without adulterating it or toning it down. Third, emphasize love and make it your working force, for love is central in Christianity…

  1. chris and jodie says:

    Gandhi heard the gospel and went to a Presbyterian church to become born again. But when he got their they rejected him because of his color. He stated that he would have become a christian if he would have not met one. Sad but so true. Here is a man that could have turned millions to Jesus but he did just the opposite. Thanks Jim for being a carrier of his presence.

    • Thank you Chris and Jodie. I read recently that when Gandhi was asked if he was a Christian he replied, “Watch my life and you tell me.” His experience in that church in South Africa was tragic unfortunately it still happens often. Too many churches are “My way or the highway.”

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