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“The woman You gave me…” Adam’s blaming God here. We are called to a life of other centeredness; it’s too bad we apply this concept to pointing out sin. It’s okay to move to the front of the line when the topic is shortcomings and weaknesses. Thank You for Your forgiveness Lord, thank You for Your Grace.

  1. chris and jodie says:

    I am sure Jesus thought the same thing when he looked at the 12 disciples. If we were god and knew that our creation was going to rebel at us and forsake us in our very time of need would we even go to the effort of following through with creation. As a father I cannot go there if I knew that every transgression would be put on my innocent 5 year old. But I ask God to stretch me so that I would know this great love. It overwhelms me to even imagine this. Praise God that he loves us unconditional and not based on our performance. How can we be depressed or discouraged if we would only think on these things.

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