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All of the earth and all of the heavens were created for us. The first 5 days were all to set the stage for day six. We were not an after thought but the focus of God’s every affection. His only desire for us is that we know Him, not for His benefit but for ours, as He truly is all that we need.

“…The Lord our God is One”. There is no one like God, He is completely unique and like Him we are too. There is no one like you. You were created to reflect God in a way that can’t be fulfilled by anyone else. The coolest thing about your uniqueness is that it assures you of a one of a kind relationship with God. That’s why it’s so important for you to share yourself, your gifts, your talents and your insights.

We’re made in the image of the Creator. Explore your God given creativity today. Set some time aside with God and ask Him to give you an idea, a picture, a song or maybe a story or something stunning to photograph. There is something beautiful inside you that that we all need you to share with us.

God has the way prepared for you today and hopes that you will face everything together. There will be some difficulties but in Him you will see them as opportunities. He promises peace and rest no matter how rough things may look. With Him all is possible.

God has redeemed us from much and it’s important that we remember with an attitude of thankfulness. But He has redeemed us to much, much more and that’s what should occupy the bigger part of our thoughts and prayers. We can’t stay in that, “thank you for saving me” place without also asking, “What have you redeemed me to, Lord”.

Jesus said, “For indeed the Kingdom of God is within you.” We don’t have to convince people the Kingdom of God could be theirs one day. We can show them that He is here right now.

“…As the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” We are not made to be cisterns purposed to contain the waters of life. We are to be springs continually being fed and poured out on those around us.

The fear of my demise Dear Lord
Is not reason to pursue.

The pleasures of eternity
Fall short and empty too.

The Beauty of your face Dear Lord
Your marvelous mystique.

Is where and where alone my Lord
Is everything I seek.

In Jesus’ Name, doesn’t mean asking for what we want and then closing with “In Jesus’ name”. There’s no magic formula. What’s meant is that we first seek Christ’s heart and that we become so in tune with what He’s up to, our prayers are His prayers.

Jesus always made space for those around Him to grow. Isn’t it incredible that He said, “I am the light of the world” and then told us that we too are the light of the world making it clear that we aren’t to sit back and watch what He’s doing? We should be the same, making room for those around us to develop and encouraging their relationship with the Lord.