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Asking broad sweeping questions like, “Why is there evil in the world?” or “Why do bad things happen to good people?” is like trying to paint God with one color. Each of us is completely unique and God wants our relationship with Him to be the same. So rather than standing at a distance and throwing these questions out to the wind, we should draw close to Him and whisper, “What can I learn from this Dear Lord and how can we together survive and thrive?”.

Translation: God should control everyone but me.

Our friend Dawn said it wonderfully yesterday; we have very much to rejoice over. God is so good and loves us so much. His becoming one of us not only supplies us with security but fills us with true joy.

The world grasps for security in the false confidence that they have their future planned and know what tomorrow will bring. When the reality of the unknown hits, anxiousness and fear are natural reactions. Discovering you’re not in control is scary, especially when you conclude that no one is.

God is alive and well and He loves you more than you can possibly know. He is present, always near and is actively pursuing you. God wants your best and is completely worthy of your trust.

Don’t you hate how subtly doubt can creep in? Something you know for certain gets questioned, a few pieces of apparent evidence show up and suddenly you find yourself in an uncertainty that God doesn’t intend.

The key is nearness to God. Make room for Him today, invite Him into everything you do, seek Him with all that you have and see Him bring opportunities your way.

Through Me

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During a great conversation with my friend Daniel yesterday he said, “I don’t have to try to live like Jesus, I just need to let Him live through me.”

Trying to get the love we so desperately need from anywhere or anyone but God will always come up short; leading to the wounding we talked about yesterday. The only way to avoid this is by receiving God’s perfect love from Him. That means seeking Him first, allowing His special, unique feelings towards us to prevail, in other words, that His thoughts towards us dominate who we are.

We all greatly need to be loved. This is the supreme driving force in our lives, put there by God so that we would seek Him as He is the only one capable of supplying this kind of love. Too often we look for it in other places only to be hurt or disappointed. Then, empty and in need we wound those around us.