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Oh Crap!

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I think each one of us is going to have an, “oh crap!” moment when we first get to heaven. These may even be the tears Jesus wipes away. The reason for our regret is that we will realize how much more of Him we could have experienced here.

Opportunities? A dear friend of mine calls every challenge that comes his way an opportunity. He sees them as a chance to learn something, to grow, to address a problem or change something that needs to be changed. I love his attitude.

The Bible says to count it all joy when we come upon trials in our lives. If we look at things the way my friend does it makes this possible. Ultimately what every challenge provides us is an opportunity to trust God. If we worry, get anxious or try to force things apart from Him, that’s not trusting. If we can face our setbacks knowing that God wants the very best for us, and if we seek Him for what can be gained, that’s the “peace that passes all understanding”.

A Great Quote

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We often assume the question, “How can I be happy?” can be successfully answered without reference to love of God and our neighbors. And the irony is that if our biggest question is our own happiness, we can never know the God in whom we find our ultimate joy and rest.
– Michael Horton “The Gospel Driven Life”

A Poem

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Jesus shut within a Book
Is hardly worth a passing look;
Jesus shut within a creed
Is a fruitless Lord indeed.
But Jesus in the hearts of men
Shows His tenderness again.
-Gordon Grooms

That never heard about Jesus? I’ve never met anyone that that is the case for. It always seems that those that want to use this as a reason not to seek Him are those that have had every opportunity. The Bible says that “the heavens declare the glory of God”, in fact all of creation reveals Him, so none of us have an excuse. But if you happen to come across someone that hasn’t heard of Jesus just let one of us know and we’ll go to them.

More on Hell

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There is no one in hell wondering why they are there or how did I get here. Part of the self-imposed torment is the eternal memories of the countless opportunities they had to receive Jesus.


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No one is in hell because they are (were) a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other religion. The only people in hell are those that rejected Jesus.

Will be faithful to complete it…” Combined with “go into all the world the world and preach the Gospel…” sounds like a great reason to share Jesus everywhere and trust that He’ll finish the work He began through you.

Love is…

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Sacrificial. Jesus gave it all so that we could gain everything and while His sacrifice was once and for all it is also our best example. Love always involves sacrifice. What are you willing to give?

Love can’t…

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Be obtained or won, the only way to get love is to give it, though that can’t be our motivation.